Getting Cold Feet

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Partners who have decided it is time to make a lifetime commitment often look forward to their wedding day with a sense of anticipation. They want to share their happiness with the entire world, but they generally cut the guest list down to a reasonable amount. Each of them has realized they have compatible goals in life, so they have decided it is best for them to work on those goals as a team. While many people might never have a doubt at all, getting cold feet just before the big day is a normal way to feel.

Making the choice to marry another person is a binding commitment that has legal consequences, but it is also an emotional one. If something goes wrong along the way, there is a loving partner for support. People making this type of commitment might wonder if their partner is able to be there when things go wrong, some of them will be concerned they have settled, and others will simply be terrified of making a commitment that is for the rest of their life.