A Big Commitment

Young people tend to enter into relationships without pause, but marriage is a big commitment. It is a pledge to go through life with another person, and each one will have some say in how their future will be constructed. A person who has any doubts about their own ability to make a commitment of this magnitude should think it through before making what could be a life-altering mistake for them and their future partner. It might just be cold feet, but they could also have realized they are not yet ready to move forward.

Doubts at any time of life can be a good reminder that examining all the possibilities is important, so it should be taken seriously if there are any. Talking it over with a partner is a good idea, and they should take it into consideration as they help sort through what is going on. If both partners are willing to take an honest look at their doubts, they have a fair chance to make it through life as a team.

It might be easy to dismiss the doubts of a partner at first, but they will need to be addressed before the marriage occurs. Listening to their fears can help calm them, but it can be a good way to help them solve their issues with commitment. If their fears are simply based on the unknown of the future, they can be reduced by making plans as a couple. Those who have deep fears based on their lack of ability to follow through on important projects or commitments might need more time before marrying.

There is never a good time to back out of an emotional commitment, but doing it before the wedding will save both partners from emotional turmoil. Paying attention to the fears of a future spouse can be a good way to bond as a couple, or it can help them realize they are not yet meant to be together for the rest of their lives.