A Supportive Partner

There are some people who look forward to a large wedding with all their friends and family gathered, but others envision a small wedding with few guests. A person who is in the midst of planning to invite everyone they know might suddenly realize their partner has little or nothing to contribute to their plans for their big day. It could cause them to wonder if their partner will support them during the marriage, and they might take another look at their relationship.

It takes a lot of effort to plan and execute any large event, and a wedding is a very special day. It is part of the bond that will hold the couple together during the difficult times they will likely face in their future, so it is important for both of them to be involved. If one of them has little or no interest in the event, their partner might see it as a lack of commitment. This could change the nature of their relationship permanently.

The choices that come with starting a future together are often those that foretell how the relationship will proceed. A partner with no interest in the beginning might be unwilling to invest anything when a crisis occurs, so getting cold feet at this point might be a good way to make a difficult decision. Calling off the wedding might be a good idea if the pair is unable to cooperate at this point in their relationship.

Time is often one of the best ways to tell a supportive partner from one who simply has no interest in helping to plan a formal event, so waiting to get married might be the best option. It will let both people realize how important it is for them to support each other in any way necessary to make the relationship work well.