Facing the Altar

Social anxiety is a problem for some people, and those getting married might find it is interfering with their plan to meet at the front of the church for their wedding ceremony. The groom might be terrified of standing up in front of a large crowd, or the bride could fear the long walk down the aisle. What each of them must realize is that facing the altar they will be together, and they should understand that their partnership will help them through this difficult time.

Cold feet right before the marriage ceremony has affected many, and modern wedding attendants can have a difficult time on their hands to help their friends through it. The best man will know his friend is nervous, and he will help ease the pressure with jokes or reminding his friend how much he loves his intended. It might seem a little thing, but it could be what keeps the groom from bolting out of the church.

Brides are expected to walk down the aisle to meet their love at the altar, but it can be difficult. They know every person in the church will be watching them, and even being on the arm of their parent might not seem like enough support. Their maid of honor could remind them the love of their life is waiting for them, and she can also let the bride know she will clear the path for her by going first.

Getting through the wedding ceremony at the church is often a trial for two people who are nervous that their plans for the day might not work out well, and cold feet are a normal response to that situation. Their love for each other is not lessened because of their hesitation, and it has often been the thought that the person they want to share a life with is waiting for them that gets them moving.