Meeting the Expectations of Others

Getting married is still a big deal for most couples, and many of them spend months planning their special day. They might want a live band, a large hall, and their guest list could resemble an event of the century. Getting all the details right is important to them, yet they may find that meeting the expectations of others is throwing a wrench into their plans. Many friends and relatives make suggestions for what they think should happen, and it can be upsetting.

Few couples are completely prepared when it comes to making wedding plans, and they often find others are more than willing to tell them what they should be doing. A bride might have spent years knowing exactly what she wants, but then a relative will tell her that is unacceptable. She will often speak to her groom about the situation, and he will generally agree with her. She could still feel overwhelmed when faced with family disapproval.

Weddings used to be mainly about the bride and her choices, but modern weddings have done much more to include the feelings and needs of the groom. Many parents of this partner have now begun to push for what they want included in the day, and it can cause issues. A bride and her family often feel they should be in complete control, yet they now have to include the plans of the other side. It can be a sticky situation that will affect the couple for years to come.

Planning a big event is not always easy for even the professionals, so brides and grooms might feel overwhelmed. As soon as their engagement is announced, they find everyone has an opinion or suggestion. Learning how to be firm when making their own plans as a couple could be a good test of how well their relationship will work into the future.