The Choice to Elope

When two people decide to get married, their wedding day should be about sharing their happiness with those they love. Too many times the families of the lucky couple tend to turn it into a major social event, and their suggestions become tiresome. They want a large event where the goal is to please the guests, and the commitment of the couple gets lost in the mix. Rather than continue to try to placate their families, some couples make the choice to elope and avoid the hoopla.

Modern weddings have become an extravaganza for many, and couples have found they are expected to provide a wedding day that will be remembered less for the ceremony and more for the entertainment. Many families have a long list of those they want to invite, and they seldom consider the choices of the bride and groom. The day, for them, is about impressing far-flung family members, people from work, and their own social circle.

It might seem ridiculous that any family would place this type of burden on their own child, but it does occur. It is an event where the parents feel a great deal of pride, but their idea of how to share it can be difficult at best. Couples can feel as if the control for their special day is a wrestling match to please people who have lost the central theme of their wedding, and they might just decide to make their commitment without family or friends being present.

The thought of eloping is one that is a constant background as wedding plans become unmanageable, and many couples have solved their issues in this manner. It might not provide them with the wedding of their dreams, but it could turn out to be the best way for them to make a true commitment that will last a lifetime.